Are There Superfund Sites in Arizona?

Superfund Sites

Before making an offer on a house here in Arizona, we at The Hill Group ask our clients to review several important disclosures, one of which discusses Federal Government Superfund Sites. This disclosure, titled “Environmental Disclosure Statement Superfund Information,” does two very helpful things.

1. It defines “Superfund” as an “all-encompassing term used to designate areas that may or may not have ground and groundwater contamination within the boundaries designated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).”

2. It provides the contact information for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency, two agencies whose research aims to protect public health and the environment. For your reference, I’ll also list their contact information below. Between the two websites, you’ll find updated site information and several detailed maps of the various site locations across Arizona and the rest of the nation.

Locations of Arizona Superfund Sites

Because of the broad and varying use of the term, there are many designated Superfund Sites across Arizona, but a significantly fewer number of sites than most northeastern states have. **Yeah southwest!** While we can’t tell you whether you should or shouldn’t buy a home located in or near one of these areas, we can show you whether a particular site is positively or negatively affecting the average home prices around it.

Indian Bend Wash

The Indian Bend Wash North site in South Scottsdale, for example, is now home to several public golf courses, catch-and-release fishing lakes, shared-use paths, and recreational parks – all of which are amenities known to increase real estate values in Scottsdale.

If you have more questions about real estate near the Indian Bend Wash North site, or any of the other Superfund Sites in the Greater Phoenix Area, let us know in a comment below or feel free to send us an email anytime!

More Information About Arizona Superfund Sites

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Phone: 602-771-2300

Environmental Protection Agency
Phone: 415-947-8000

Image Credit: skew-t on Wikipedia.

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